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What is the Aluminum Wheel?

The automotive Aluminum Wheel is assembled with the Tire
to withstand the torque generated when the vehicle is
driven and braked, the impact from the road surface,
and the lateral load caused by centrifugal force
when the vehicle is turned. This is the last part of the vehicle's power transfer and supports the entire weight of the vehicle.

The characteristic of Aluminum Wheel
01 Improved fuel efficiency with lighter weight
  • Aluminum Wheels are about a third lighter than Steel-Wheels. Compared to steel-wheel, approximately 2.5 kg is lighter per wheel, and if four wheels are fitted, the weight of the lower part of the vehicle is reduced by approximately 10 kg compared to steel-wheeled vehicles.
02 Improved steering stability and ride comfort
  • The aluminium wheel allows precision machining compared to steel-wheel, which bends 2-3 pieces of steel plates to weld. With excellent Run-Out and Balance, the Aluminum Wheel has little deformation and significantly reduces the shaking or vibration of the steering wheel when the vehicle is driven, improving steering stability.
03 Increased stability and braking performance
  • Aluminum wheels are semi-permanent and do not rust or discoloration because they use highly corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys such as aluminum, silicon, magnesium, and titanium and treat the surface with thick paint.
04 A variety of beautiful designs
  • Not only is the aluminium wheel beautiful in its natural color, but it also has excellent cutting processability, allowing it to create its own unique personality and enhance the quality of the vehicle.
05 Semi-permanent life expectancy
  • Aluminum Wheel uses aluminum alloys with highly corrosion resistant ingredients such as aluminum, silicon, magnesium, and titanium, and is surface treated with thick paint, so it is semi-permanent and does not rust and discolor.