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Outstanding development engineers and high technology and Know-How regarding alloy wheel though sustaining investment. in the circumstances of competitiveness for alloy wheel market, we focus on advanced and specific technology for leading the market in the world. New casting technology, various materials development for wheels and creative design are our continuous efforts as well as cooperation with domestic and overseas Research Centers. High Technology Standard in the world for alloy wheel is our actual pride!

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Alloy Wheel

Aluminum Alloy Wheel

Aluminum wheels are attractive due to their appearance, color, and because of their light weight, which directly affects of fuel efficiency.

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Since the establishment of HANDS CORPORATION. LTD.
under the name of DONGHWA And Co., Ltd. in 1972.
HANDS has been leading the global wheel manufacturing industry. Despite immense changes in HANDS history for last four decades, HANDS was the most credible company for customers by granting top priority to customer's promise. Through constant innovation, HANDS is always seeking for new technology with our devoted dedication and efforts to satisfy our customers.